P.O.V.:  A Walk Through the New Media Center With Mrs. McGraw

Gabriella Pickton, staff writer

The new NPHS Media Center is a twenty-first century, state-of-the art faculty, designed for students who have been raised in an increasingly technological world. I spoke with Mrs. McGraw, one of two librarians who works in this incredible faculty each day, about this new change to our school.

To Mrs. McGraw, the new library is a reflection of the values of parents in the New Providence community. In many other schools across the country, athletics are routinely prioritized over academics. Multi-million dollar stadiums are built for average football teams , while libraries and other academic faculties are left lacking in important resources.

Mrs. McGraw says this is not the case in New Providence. She feels that education and sports have always been given equal importance. To Mrs. McGraw, this represents how important it is to parents that their children succeed in all aspects, both academic and athletic.

Not only is the new library representative of the values of parents in the NPHS community, Mrs. McGraw believes it is a representation of the values of the New Providence community as a whole. As a school we are routinely ranked as one of the top schools in the state. The fact that the community would approve the construction of a new library shows how highly they value the education of future generations of Pioneers.

Finally, Mrs. McGraw believes that the Media Center will foster closeness between students. Our school has never had a student lounge, so we have been lacking in a place for students to gather before school and during lunches. Now since we have a library with couches and other comfortable places to sit, students will want to meet their friends there to talk and work on homework. This will help to bring our already tight-knit school community even closer together.

Mrs. McGraw believes that the library will be a turning point for students.