Spotlight on: Ms. Berrios

Evren Ozgu, staff writer

Ms. Berrios has been a teacher for two years, and has spent both of those years here at NPHS.  When I asked Ms. Berrios  how her experience has been so far at NPHS, she simply replied “great.”

I asked Ms. Berrios why she specifically chose NPHS and she said “felt a good vibe from the school.”

Ms. Berrios then talked about how she felt that energy from the students was one of the things she loves about NPHS. However, she does wish that classes were at least “an hour and a half long” since there still isn’t enough time to get all of her lesson plan in.

Ms. Berrios went to the College of New Jersey. She always knew she wanted to be ateacher. Her main inspiration for being a teacher comes from her mother who was also a teacher. She chose English as her teaching subject mainly because it was her best subject.

Ms. Berrios is also the coach of the JV Girls Volleyball team. Although Ms. Berrios didn’t play in either high school or college she does implement some of her teaching methods into coaching.

On her days off Ms. Berrios will enjoy a nice relaxing day with her dogs  Scarlett and Grayson. Also she will go to the gym and work out on her days off.

As anyone who has Ms. Berrios will know her favorite TV show is The Office so it wouldn’t be surprising if she binged a couple episodes on her days off as well.

Ms. Berrios also has her own way of teaching her students. Her teaching philosophy is “Every single student has the potential to succeed. We as teachers give them the tools to succeed.” Which relates to what is most important to her as a teacher which is mutual respect from student to student and student to teacher.

The goal that Ms. Berrios wishes to achieve as a teacher is: “Have students walk away with something they use in life” and of her favorite things about being a teacher is the “click” that happens to students when they finally begin to understand something. The way she helps achieve that goal with students who struggle is by subtly making them pay attention, or “lock their iPad.”  Not surprisingly, Ms. Berrios says she would like to see less kids on their iPads and more people paying attention in class.

The way she would deal with a student that excels her expectations is to challenge them and have them help those who struggle more with the subject.

Ms. Berrios always tries to make the class interesting.  Even when the subject can be dull and boring, somehow she finds a way to keep the class interesting and entertaining. Ms. Berrios is always trying to make the class better, and will always help you if you ask.