Has Your Dream Job Grown Along With You?

Hayden LaRocque Green, Features Editor

Everyone has those little dreams as a kid. Maybe they wanted to be an astronaut, or maybe a mermaid. Looking back, these nostalgic dreams may seem irrational. Some last only a couple of weeks, while others can turn into a full-fledged career. How do those dreams change over time, and what does this change suggest about ourselves? We asked New Providence High School students to describe the transformation in their dream career. 


Emma Timpone, Sophomore

Tanvi Silvester

The dream of being a “lawyer by day and jazz singer by night” was Emma’s primary goal throughout her childhood. This fantasy popped into her head, and for a while Emma planned her life around it. Even now, she still finds this idea appealing.

Eventually, Emma’s dream job changed as she was exposed to new ideas.

“I found other things, like art, that feel more realistic and interesting,” Emma said. 

Emma has completely lost her passion for law, and it has been replaced with an interest in graphic design and art in general. She hopes to pursue something in that realm, as there are multiple possibilities and jobs being created. Whether it be logo designing, photo editing, or creative directing, Emma could see herself there.

To follow this goal, Emma continues to work on her art and graphic design on the side: “A lot of my work towards my goal is just keeping my creativity flowing and making sure I stick with art since it’s such a great outlet.”

Even though the lawyer portion of Emma’s dream job has faded, she still participates in jazz music, although not as a career goal. 

She said, “If it was realistic to live off of being a jazz singer in some jazz club, I would totally do it.  No hesitation.”

Instead, Emma participates in the NPHS Jazz Choir, which is her favorite extracurricular. This activity is one that her younger self would most definitely be proud of. 

“Sticking with music and art has been a personal goal since I can remember. I know that music and art have been a huge part of my life since I was a kid,” Emma said. 

While  making a living as a jazz singer is unrealistic to Emma, she continues to fuel her musical outlet through participating in choirs and exposing herself to old and new jazz music. Her passion for the arts has stayed consistent, but it has taken new forms as she’s grown up.


Alex Robson, Junior

Hayden LaRocque Green

Alex’s most notable dream career was to be a professional video gamer. In elementary and middle school, he used video games as an escape from reality, specifically a way to get away from school. 

“When I was seven or eight I would record myself playing video games and show it to my friends and family, and then I would stream myself playing online for a few weeks,” Alex said. 

Alex’s dreams changed when he reached high school. There, he realized the many career paths available, and chose to pursue one that will be more financially sustainable. 

“I’m looking for something with marketing or sports analytics. My interests have changed to a more athletic standpoint, and if I study it in college there’s a lot of opportunities when I graduate,” Alex said. “Sports is something that I’m familiar with and can relate to, which is why I want to incorporate it into my future if I can.”

To pursue this career, he takes the media design elective in school and researches sports regularly. One of his favorite activities so far has been making a talk show about football.  Although he still plays video games regularly on the weekends or after school, this activity has now become a source of entertainment, rather than a long term career.

Outside of his career, Alex’s main goal has been to better himself.

“A few years ago, I was a bad kid, and a bad student. Since then, I’ve tried to better myself personality wise, fitness wise, and with my outlook on life,” Alex said.

Alex has drastically changed from a child, as he discovered a feasible way to incorporate his interests into his career. Above all this, he will be content with any career as long as he betters himself in the process, which is truly an inspiration. 


Megan Barlow, Senior

Megan Barlow

Megan originally wanted to be a mermaid as a child, though this job concept was quickly fleeting. After this, she focused mainly on becoming a veterinarian. 

“I have always had a love for animals and helping others, and a veterinarian seemed like a perfect fit for both,” Megan said. 

While this career was Megan’s aspiration for a while, she ultimately realized that having to give harm to an animal, even for the greater good, is not something she is willing to do: “I have too much compassion for the animal to cause it any kind of harm, or even death.” 

Currently, Megan doesn’t have a specific job in mind, but she hopes to do something on her feet, being mobile with others. She is repelled from a nine to five desk job, and would rather work with others in a more mobile fashion. 

To develop this dream, Megan focuses studying more active subjects, such as AP Art, Forensics, and Psychology. While she doesn’t have a specific major in mind for college, she is specifically looking at schools that provide variety. This way, Megan has the ability to find her true passion by continuing to explore all of her interests. 

Throughout this career search, Megan has still held on to aspects that accounted for her childhood dreams. The creativity she used to dream of being a mermaid, or drawing dogs and other animals, has followed her through high school, although it’s transformed into different ways. 

“I use that creativity to think outside of the box for assignments and art projects. That childhood dream seems to live on in me by my actions, rather than me actually living out that dream,” Megan said. 

Even though Megan’s goals have drastically changed, she has used creativity throughout her entire life. Going through college, she is likely to transform even more, but this creativity will certainly follow her throughout her entire life. 


Bruno May, Junior

Tanvi Silvester

As a child, Bruno wanted to be a garbage collector. The way they simply ran up to the truck and were able to grab on excited him. 

“There were a lot things I wanted to be as a kid, but this one stuck to me. I always thought it was kind of cool. I still do to be honest,” Bruno said. 

Although this career may seem quite random, Bruno’s current interests still display a knack for the automotive industry. He spends his time both at NPHS, and at the automotive program at the Union County Vocational Tech School (UCVTS). In doing this, Bruno gains more experience working with all aspects of automobiles. 

Bruno said: “It doesn’t really matter if I’m helping to build cars or fixing them; I just want to work with them.”

He hopes to gain a more in depth study of the subject by studying at a technical college. 

As he’s grown up, Bruno’s goal of working with cars has transformed from something that sparked his interest to a tangible future career. While he’s transformed in this aspect, his primary goal of cultivating and maintaining meaningful friendships has stayed present throughout all of his life. 

“Wherever I go, I try to make strong friendships. When I moved here, my first goal was to make a friend and keep going from there,” Bruno said.




As these student show, a career is likely to transform, but core values will hopefully stick with you throughout these evolutions.