Review of the Rugged Combo 2 by Logitech iPad case

Luke Clausen, staff writer

For years the school district has invested in different types of cases to protect the iPads that each student is given. For the past two years the school has started using the Rugged Combo 2 by Logitech. The case is used by the majority of the school district and it seems as if it’s going to stay. 

The Rugged Combo fits the 5th or 6th generation iPad snugly. The case has an adjustable back and a detachable keyboard, all of which are built with waterproof and practically indestructible plastic 

When an iPad is in the case it’s practically indestructible. The case can take falls as high as 4 feet. In addition to that the case is hard to pry open and take apart.

The detachable keyboard also has the same level of indestructibility. The keyboard is spill resistant and the keys are covered in rubber so nothing can get into the key caps. The keyboard connects to the case so it doesn’t need to charge. In addition the keyboard also has multiple macro keys that are useful for IOS.

Unfortunately, while the keyboard is made really well,  it doesn’t feel the part, it feels unresponsive and it’s hard to feel the difference in the key caps. 

The pros of the keyboard are that it’s indestructible, and that it is simple to use. The keyboards are simple to connect and don’t need to be charged.

The cons are that the keyboard isn’t up to par with the rest of the case.

In conclusion, while it isn’t the best case on the market, it is good for a classroom setting.