Everyone’s Adapting: What it’s Like for a Music Student at NPHS

Katelyn Killian, staff writer

This year many changes have been made for schools across the world to keep students and teachers safe from the coronavirus.  Music classes definitely have changed a lot more than any other classes but they are still really fun once you get used to their changes.

In choir this year we sing while remaining physically distanced inside and sometimes we go outside with masks on to limit the spread of aerosols.  And in concert band, Mr. Niedziejko says “We have instituted the use of bell covers for brass instruments and instrument bags for woodwind instruments. We have the percussion students wipe down the sticks and mallets they use with sanitizing wipes before and after each use.”

Students in music classes seem to be adapting fine to these changes made for their safety, but they do still miss how things used to be.

“I think it was weird at first but after a couple of days I got used to it. I think band and choir are very safe. I am glad that we are being safe and I’m glad that this is how we did because it is the safest way, but the coronavirus is not ideal and I wish that we could go back to normal,” said Megan Huber, a sophomore from group B that is participating in concert band and chorus.

Maddie Marchi, a sophomore from group B that participates in choir, agrees:  “Ms. Kirkland is doing the best she can to make this year count. I suggest taking choir.”

Many parents agree with the fact that their children are getting the most out of these classes:

“I think the children are adapting to the band and chorus very nicely. The New Providence School District is taking appropriate precaution to reduce the spread of the Covid virus. I’m happy other students are in band and choir because it’s important for students’ social and mental health,” said Cathy Killian, a parent with a child participating in concert band and choir.

What about the students who are fully remote and taking these classes from home?  They have to join in and practice with their zoom on mute so the video doesn’t lag or freeze up. But even remote students are adapting quickly more and more each day to these changes and are having a lot of fun with their music classes.

“It is different since I can’t hear any of my peers but it does feel nice getting to see them again. Adapting to it was certainly hard but as I got used to staying at home it got easier and easier,” said Alicia Shi, a fully remote sophomore participating in concert band and choir.

Overall, the consensus seems to be that even in these different times, band and chorus are a big hit at NPHS!