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Who We Are:  Students Advocating Gender Equality (SAGE)

Our Advisor:  Ms. Gill

Student Leaders:  Elsa Berisha, Anna Surman, Julia Haas

What we do:  We advocate for the rights of all people!  Informational sessions about women related topics such as Women’s Month history and events. Also we are trying to start more initiatives for the club, such as donating to charities. Elsa says:  “I’m from a country that doesn’t give men and women equal rights, so many females in my life weren’t treated the way they should be treated. Living in America I see more equality than other countries, but there are so many things to still achieve. I believe that this club can help New Providence open their eyes to problems all around us that they can help solve.”


Who We Are:  Waksman Students Scholar Program

Our Advisor:  Cheryl Campbell

Student Leaders:  Yan Lin, Natasha Malonza, Christian Venturella

What we do:  WSSP is a statewide high school research project run through the Waksman Institute of Microbiology at Rutgers University. During the year at NPHS, students perform standard microbiology laboratory procedures such as restriction digest, PCR, and gel electrophoresis to determine the lengths of unknown DNA sequences of duckweed, an aquatic plant that has applications in bio-fuel and water purification. After determining lengths of duckweed genes and submitting them for sequencing, we analyze these DNA sequences in depth using various bioinformatics database search tools to determine the sequence’s conservation, function, and overall biological significance. After completing DNA analyses, students submit their clones to the National Center for Biotechnology (NBCI) Information, where professional scientists can view and utilize their findings.  You can take science in the classroom further with authentic scientific research through WSSP.



Who We Are:  Culinary Arts Club

Our Advisor:  Mrs. Jennifer Muraview

Student Leaders:  Cristina Gerace

What we do:  The club has a few bake sales planned to donate profits to local charities.  The club bakes varies types of cookies for Senior Night.  In April-May we will have a group cupcake war, followed by selling all the decorated cupcakes.  We also plan to show off some food art during the May Art Festival. In November we cook, prepare, and decorate for a Thanksgiving dinner for the Senior Citizens.  In December we make we make various types of cookies for a Local Veteran Memorial Cookie walk.  We made over 28 dozen cookies this year!



Who We Are:  National Art Honor Society

Our Advisor:  Lynn Celler

Student Leaders:  President – Licheng Yang; VP Gabe Sim; Secretary – Freya Evans; Treasurer – Rebecca Pappas

What we do:  Preparation for induction ceremony, making clay bears for a scholarship fundraiser, painting large murals for the hall way. This year we are making an extra mural for Roberts School. We want to use our creative talents to beautify the district schools.

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