Should High Schools Count Quarter 4 Grades Normally?

James Carthy, staff writer

June 2, 2020

Things have been changing rapidly for students around the United States, and school is very different now that quarantine is in effect. Many students are stressed because of the quick change of environment that they were put ...

How Open Should We Be?

Janie Wu, staff writer

June 1, 2020

On April 28, mother of two Shelley Luther decided to reopen her salon, Salon A La Mode, despite Governor Greg Abbott’s order to quarantine. She wanted to be able to feed her kids and not have to worry about money. In respon...

The Future of Social Distancing

Norine Moore, staff writer

June 1, 2020

As states begin to lift lockdowns and ease rules many people are starting to wonder what the future of social distancing will be. Since not all is known about COVID-19,  healthcare experts and scientists are unable to give a...

Can your pet make you sick?

Suzy Lalancette, staff writer

June 1, 2020

With Covid-19 sweeping the nation and getting people sick, times are hard. We know how humans are susceptible to the virus, mostly people of older age and newly-born babies. But there’s something we all don’t know. Can our pe...

Should There Be College Football This Year?

John Geoffroy, staff writer

May 31, 2020

Fall sports are a huge thing in the USA, especially college sports such as Football. College Football is one of the biggest college sports and tons of people watch and enjoy throughout the season. With all of the missing out on ...

Checking in with the Underclassmen…

Maddox Gallagher, staff writer

May 31, 2020

Many people know about the issues going on with the seniors, but what about the other grades?