NPHS Club Check-In

Nina Illipronti, staff writer

With the school year half way done, let’s take a look at some of the things that NPHS’s clubs have accomplished since the Club Fair back in the fall:


French Club:

The French  Club is all about language and French culture. They participate in food tastings, movies, games, and even email exchanges. 

French Club advisor and French teacher, Madam Huynh states that, “French club promotes the French language and Francophone culture in order to broaden out international knowledge through social and service activities.”

Future Civic Leaders:

The Future Civic Leaders club have written to their pen pals at the ECLC school. They have also talked to the state Assemblyman about his campaign.

Model UN:

Sadly, the Model UN club wasn’t able to make their annual trip to Pennsylvania because of COVID-19 related issues. However, they were able to complete their 3 day event virtually. 

Photojournalism Club:

Photojournalism has been working individually on their portfolios. They also have been learning a lot about Adobe Photoshop and Fresco, two apps that they use to edit their pictures. 

Culinary Club:

Culinary Club  has done many different activities such as cookie swaps, decorating contests, and baking wars. 

Ski Club:

Ski club has gone on about 3 ski trips and are planning on doing even more.