Give Us Working Vending Machines

Sofia Zamora, staff writer

The New Providence High School cafeteria has a total of six vending machines lined up against the right side wall outside the lunch lines. The only vending machine that I have seen working is the white “Hello Goodness” in the right corner of the cafeteria. This particular vending machine offers Propel flavored waters, regular waters, Gatorades, and Pure Leaf Tea.

Although the “Hello Goodness” vending machine works, the other five vending machines have a reputation of eating money and a history of being incapable of working. Not only do the other machines not work, they only offer drinks. There is a singular vending machine that could offer snacks, but it has not been refilled. 

This black empty vending machine sits on the cafeteria floor without being used. This is frustrating for many students and teachers. The vending machine could be updated or used, but why hasn’t it been? What is stopping the cafeteria and NPHS from refilling this particular vending machine with useful snacks? 

After lunch is over, the cafeteria staff starts to clean up and locks the lunch lines behind them. Students are unable to purchase food and drinks, but many students still have after school activities and sports. Vending machines are a perfect solution for students that need a quick snack or simply forgot their water at home. However, many students are often unable to get food and drinks due to the severely small and limited options. 

Many students wish there was a machine that offered snacks as well such as small candies or chips. The cafeteria lunch lines offer Doritos, Lay’s, and Cheetos. Why can’t the empty vending machine be filled with small packs of M&Ms, Skittles, and a variety of chips like they offer at lunch?

“I think that there should be vending machines that offer snacks because students that have extracurricular activities might not get home until much later. If we had snacks in the vending machines students wouldn’t have to worry about being extremely hungry” said student Chase Barber. 

NPHS should either replace or update these vending machines, which will make it more convenient for students and teachers who remain after school for a period of time.