Why Do We Have School After Super Bowl Sunday?

Kayleigh Wilson, staff writer

The Super Bowl is always full of excitement. Competitive teams, entertaining half-time performers, and great food! Don’t get too excited, though. Soon enough, the alarm will be going off and it’ll be time to start the school week.

Instead of getting the Monday after the Super Bowl off, students must go to school and their jobs the next day. The day after the Super Bowl should be a holiday.

Most of the Super Bowl energy doesn’t come from the game itself. Instead, people are excited to see their friends and family, especially if they live far away. There is a lot of prep needed, such as cooking and setting up for hosting a party. If the game ends around 10:00 p.m, or even later, why should there be a rush to go home? The spirit of the game should be embraced because there is so much time and preparation that goes into it. Fans should be able to celebrate a victorious game or yell at the TV screen together after all the work being put into the party. There is so much excitement built up throughout the day, just to leave and go to bed for school the next day. 

Specifically for students, there is typically work over Super Bowl Sunday. They have to cram their homework in order to get to their plans on time. If they don’t finish, they will likely be up late trying to complete it, and then they have to wake up early for school. Assignments will most likely be sloppy or just incomplete if students have work from more than one class. Personally, I have work that needs to be done in at least four different classes, five if you count long term assignments. 

Also, most teachers do not want to make their lesson plans on Sunday night, especially if they are hosting a party and must prepare. Even if they are visiting family and friends, they might have to cook a dish or drive. The Super Bowl takes up a large part of Sunday itself, so there is barely time to think about work for everyone in the school.

Overall, everyone is going to be exhausted on Monday from the night before. Either they stayed up late doing work, seeing friends, or watching their team play. Football is an important part of American life, and the Super Bowl is one of the most important games of the year. Missing all of the excitement, just to go to bed on time for school or work, ruins the fun of the day. The people who stay up to enjoy the game and environment have to suffer the next day.