Part Time Pioneer


Aditya Vinjamuri, UCVTS Correspondent


Union County Vocational Technical Schools do not have sports teams or musical ensembles. Because of this, any student who would like to participate in a sports team or a musical ensemble must go back to their old high schools. I, Aditya Vinjamuri go to school at Academy for Allied Health Sciences by Day, but after 3:30 pm I am a Pioneer once again, participating in Cross Country and Marching Band during the Fall season. I am a junior this year, and the amount of homework and studying to be done after cross country and marching band practice is sometimes overwhelming, but the only thing that can be done is to stay up late into the night and finish the work. Sometimes, I realize it is impossible to finish all the work and study for all the tests, so I must prioritize what to study for and what I predict to be easier than other tests.

The worst part of this stressful day however, is not the homework. It is the realization that I still have three-fourths of my day after finishing school before I can get to sleep. These stressful days has taught me to value my time, and to make the most out of my free time. Going to UCVTS and participating in the activities of NPHS is difficult, but it is doable, and in the end, it is very fun. Being able to represent the Pioneers makes it all worth it