New Media Center Creates a New Atmosphere for Students

Elizabeth Blank and Emma Littlejohn, Staff Writers

Over the past couple of months, the library has been in full swing. Students have been coming and going whenever they can to make full use of the new library space. According to Mrs. Nagle, the most popular time of day for students to be populating the library in large numbers are during the lunch periods.

There are many more attractions in the new media center for students such as comfy furniture, more space to work and new technologies like TVs as well as smart boards. Karenna Kullar, 11th grade, says, “I love going to the library because there are so many resources that can be used and the environment is great for studying or getting homework done.”

Even with the more robust atmosphere in the library, Mrs. Nagle states, “as long as we are monitoring we do not have issues.” She believes that great monitoring in the library at all times keeps the students on task and focused on their work, as sometimes everyone can get a little sidetracked.

The library has many new technologies including many new smart boards. Mrs. Nagle said that smart boards are mainly “used for review together, solving problems, and working on presentations.” She says that “people come all the time to “gain information from peers.”

These Smart Boards have a drawing aspect. Students use this to work on projects or to study. There is also a way where it works like an enlarged computer screen. Students also have the opportunity to mirror their iPad onto the screen. A 9th grader from NPHS stated, “I loved all the new technology.” Many students really enjoy coming to the library for a change in environment from the typical classroom atmosphere.

The media center has a stunning new look. The furniture is super comfy and colorful with a color palette of grays and yellows. The place is very homey. It is a great environment that people should be excited to come to.

Another great improvement is the study rooms. There is a mini one to the right side when you walk in. It includes 5 comfy chairs, table, and an enlarged touch screen computer. There are always students in there collaborating together on schoolwork while still maintaining focus. There is also a larger classroom environment where classes and teacher workshops take place. Students enjoy going in there to learn things in a different environment.

Overall, the library has many new uses. Mrs. Nagle said that “the first year is kind of like figuring out everything” so we can only expect more wonderful things over the next couple of years. Like Mrs. Nagle said “the library is very popular, a wise investment, and is a great improvement.” People in the New Providence High School community really can all agree that the new Media Center has really improved on the school’s luxuries as well as student’s learning.