The Addams Family

Emma Littlejohn, staff writer

A crazy, unique and very talented bunch of NPHS students banded together to create a spectacular musical that will be remembered by each and every audience member. The play The Addams Family, featured a quirky family of five with a daughter who fell in love with an ordinary boy with his own rigid parents. For instance, one quirk was that the younger brother enjoyed being tortured by his older sister. Overall, each member of the Addams family enjoyed things in life that one usually does not, such as pain and darkness, which created some ironic and laughable moments for the audience to enjoy. Additionally, the conflict formed among family members as well as between these two contrasting families made for an enticing and incredibly appealing to watch show.

Not only did the audience members feel a sense of rush and a thrill while listening to the songs as well as the plot line unfold but the students themselves putting on their performances loved the community and opportunity to share their passions of acting and singing. Jade Navarro, a junior who played the daughter exclaimed:   “The musical brings people together in ways that are indescribable and that’s a beautiful thing.”

The cast, crew, and pit all worked hard to make this show come to life.  The crew spent hours on building the huge house for the show, working on lights, and sound.  This took hours of work leading them to spend many Saturdays helping the directors and cast. Without the amazing crew, the show wouldn’t have been the same!  The cast started prepping for the show in January. Only with the many hours of preparation and long rehearsals, the show was able to be such a great success.  For example, during tech week the cast, crew, and pit members spent time rehearsing from 3 to 10 pm each day after school. This really demonstrated their true commitment by staying up late and preparing for the show even when they had a lot of homework.  The pit also spent many rehearsals working with Mr. Ho to make the music for the show the best it can be. Everyone in the cast, crew, and pit made this show spectacular! Their energy and love for the show shined on stage.