Slime or Sublime?

Elizabeth Blank, Staff Writer

Slime?  You either hate it or love it.   Yes it’s a trend, and yes it is a very big trend.   The idea of mixing glue, shaving cream, lotion, food coloring, Tide, or contact solution is a satisfying experience.   If you haven’t heard of this, it is about time you found out.  Why is slime so trendy?

Let’s start off with satisfying videos.   It is a common thing to find on Youtube these days.   They are videos which show things that on camera look satisfying.   Slime has slowly become a genre of satisfying videos.   Some Youtubers like Karina Garcia have channels based on slime.  Garcia has her own Slime Kit line that can be bought in stores.

A basic slime is made up of glue and an activator like contact solution or Tide.   Slime has become so popular that there are so many types.  Some examples are fluffy, stretchy, crunchy, butter, clear, glitter, and even cloud slime.  All of these are based on the same recipe but with different add ins.

Slime can be enjoyable to watch and make.  Slime can do some amazing tricks such as making bubbles multiple ways.  There are many challenges on the Internet related to slime.  A popular challenge within the Youtube community is slime that costs over $100.

Trendy or not, slime has changed the fun game forever.  Slime is so popular that some Michaels stores have a whole aisle dedicated to slime ingredients and kits.  People have also started adding scents to the slime.  The list of slime related things goes on forever.  Whether you like slime or not, it is hard is disagree that slime has changed new generations.