New Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Lee

Marilyn Keating, staff writer

As of the 2019-2020 school year, there have been many new teachers welcomed into New Providence High School. One of the new teachers is Ms. Lee, who is teaching Chemistry and Conceptual Chemistry. Ms. Lee, who is from South Korea, has been teaching in the United States for five years, this being her fifth. Prior to teaching at New Providence High School, Ms. Lee taught in Newark for four years. There, she taught Chemistry for three years, and Live Science for one year.

Transitioning from Newark to New Providence has no doubt been a change of pace, but Ms. Lee is ready to take on this challenge. Every day she works to get to know her students and have her students get to know her through a series of icebreakers and brain teasers. Not to mention she’s an amazing teacher and works well with students to ensure that they understand and grasp the concepts of Chemistry successfully.

Being one of her students, and never having science come easy to me, I can confirm that though Chemistry is a complicated topic, it’s made a lot of sense to me so far and I feel like I’m learning something in every class period.

Just as the students and staff of New Providence High School are welcoming Ms. Lee into the environment, she is welcoming us. When asked in an interview about her favorite part about the High School so far, she happily replied:“Students are really nice, they’re so sweet. Like they can be a little bit chatty, but I love them.”

Ms. Lee is clearly enjoying her time at New Providence High School so far, and we’re very happy to have her here. Ms. Lee’s friendly and enthusiastic personality makes it easy for students to learn and comprehend chemistry, but also go in for extra help to further their understanding.

While Ms. Lee has only been at New Providence for the beginning of this 2019 school year, we’re more than excited to have her as a teacher. It’s only her first year of teaching here and she’s already connecting with the students, a skill that is valued in many teachers. Her future here at the High School is very bright, and I personally am so happy to have the opportunity to be one of her students. I wish the best of luck to Ms. Lee this year and can’t wait to see just how well-rounded of a teacher she really is by the end of this year, alone!