The Band Marches Onto The Field In Their First Performance of The Season

Susanna Lalancette, staff writer

On September 13, 2019, the marching band and football players of New Providence High School played their first game against Dayton High.

Overwhelmingly positive reactions from the crowd and classmates lead the band to believe that their performance of “Light Prevails”, a romantic song, satisfied a large portion of the audience.

“They played very well,” Samantha Molle, a sophomore, commented.

Even from inside the band, members thought they did well for the first time on the field.

“It was nerve wracking,” freshman Alicia Shi says, “but it was worth it.”

The members of the band and color guard have been working really hard since the summer to perfect this piece, working day and night.

Another freshman, Makenna McBride, who had gone to the game just to support her friends said, “They had really good form.”

However, some marching band members thought it wasn’t a good run-through, despite the positive reviews on their work.

“We did pretty bad in our standards,” Kanya Srithong, a ninth grader said, “I even heard someone behind me say that was the worst run-through he’s ever heard.”

Though some say that they didn’t do as well as they wanted to, others stay determined to fill the gaps that the departing seniors left behind.

Many seniors have left the band due to graduating high school, so “our balance is way off,” says Aedin Ardolic, another freshman, “we’re just trying to see where we fit in.”

The color guard members agree, expressing their encouragement to the marching band.

Color guard member Gabby Adams says “I think we did pretty well for our first time performing in front of a live audience.”

Parents and viewers also support this statement, saying that their position from within the crowd was one of excitement.

Susan Molle, a parent, says, “They did amazingly! I’d go see it again any time! They definitely did the best they could, and that’s really inspiring.”

Through the feedback and guidance of director and concert band conductor Mr. Niedziejko, the marching band has become a wonderfully tuned instrument, taking on any challenge with the help of the color guard, cheerleaders, and football team.

The freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors of the marching band started off strong, and that hopefully will continue throughout the whole season, bringing them to progress in their skills and leading the Pioneers to victory.