Movie Review: Halloweentown

Movie Review: Halloweentown

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Norine Moore, staff writer

Disney’s Halloweentown is the best children’s Halloween movie ever.

Halloweentown is about a young girl, Marnie, who finds out that her grandmother is a witch. Marnie then realizes that she and her mother have the same powers. She just needs to learn how to use them. 

After taking a trip to Halloweentown, the family sees that some dark force is taking over the town and getting rid of its Halloween spirit. The family must put all of their powers together to fight against the force. Also during the adventure, the family comes across many creepish friends who, just like them, have strange powers.  

This movie is good for all ages since it includes a fun Halloween storyline, spooky characters, and a team effort to try and defeat the bad guy. The movie also shows the sweet image of family bonding. This is because previously the Piper family had been separated from their grandma due to the mother, Gwen Piper’s, neglect of her and her family’s powers. But when their help is needed in order to save the beloved city, the family must work together to help out their grandma.

Personally, I would rate this movie a 5/5. Although the first movie debuted in 1998, the graphics still remain realistic. However, if the movie was filmed using modern day technology it would be even better.