An Interview With Ms. Pasuit

An Interview With Ms. Pasuit

Luke Clausen, staff writer

“I truly feel like I am living a dream!” says Ms. Pasuit, one of the new Biology teachers while talking about her experience in New Providence High School so far.

“The students, parents, faculty and administration have been so welcoming and supportive.” She stopped for a moment “What more can a teacher ask for?”

I had a few more questions to ask her:

You came to this job after your former school closed.  How did that affect you? 

“New opportunities can be scary… it’s important to keep an open mind about all the great things that can happen through change”. 

What surprised you about New Providence?

 “Seamlessness … It’s hard for me to explain unless you’ve been in environments that were not operating seamlessly…Every individual at NPHS is giving 110 percent.”

Why did you choose to major in Human Biology?

“I have always been a nerdy scientist, even from a very young age. As a child, I mapped the weather day-to-day and created tables and graphs of the temperature differential. My dad wanted me to be an earth scientist but I always found the living world way more interesting. I have had several career experiences involved in the exploration of human biology from forensics to human physiology.”

What was your biggest challenge about the topics you teach and does that help you relate to your students?

“Finding a balance between work and family is my biggest challenge. This challenge absolutely helps me relate to my students. I know my students have other challenging classes besides the one I teach, in addition to standardized tests, extracurricular activities, jobs, college applications/visits,and family responsibilities.  I’m sure they also find it hard to carve out time to do the things they love.”

How do you think students can improve in biology?

“Hands-on relatable learning is the best way to be engaged in any subject matter…Humor and levity can help get through the more mundane, rote materials. I like to incorporate music as much as possible, as it adds another sense through which to access the material. I like to take my forensics class outside to get a break from the classroom”

What topics interests you besides science?

“I grew up with my dad restoring a 1969 Chevy Camarillo. Building cars, taking them apart and putting them back together successfully is [very] rewarding. I would also love to learn to play the drums… I’m thinking of signing up for lessons. I like to run triathlons even though I’m afraid of water.”

What is your favorite car?

“My favorite or dream car would be a Mustang Shelby 500gt, standard Shift, of course.”

What’s your favorite animal?

“Although I love my Mutt (Ella, a rescue from St. Huberts), I love and adore all animals”.

What’s your favorite food and is there a reason for that?

“I hate to be boring but salad.  I took a new diet and its been helping a lot”