Helpful Advice for Midterms 

Olivia Catalano, staff writer

Midterms are upon us here at New Providence High School. Midterm exams are scheduled for January 28 , 29, 30, and the 31st. Each exam is two hours long and there are two sessions each day. The first exam is from 7:44 – 9:44 in the morning and the second is 10:05am-12:05pm. 

For all the Freshman who have never taken a midterm before here are some helpful hints. 

First of all, get a good night’s sleep. Although you may be nervous, it is important to rest before the big test. Eighty percent of students interviewed stated that they get 6-7 hours of sleep everyday. Teenagers need an average of eight to ten hours of sleep each night. 

Eating a healthy breakfast is essential for midterm success. Studies show that eating breakfast is key to doing well on tests. Eating breakfast that consists of protein helps lessen anxiety. Foods like whole-grain cereal, eggs, low-fat milk, and toast with jam are great options for the morning before the exam. Fruits like blueberries, figs, and dried fruits are also helpful . 

“Breakfast should be one of the biggest meals of the day and should consist of many foods like protein, carbs, veggies, fruits, and dairy” said Abby Quiros, a freshman from New Providence High School. 

One way to start studying for the midterm would be reviewing concepts that you have learned and may not understand. Making Quizlets and Kahoots are great ways to study. Bust out your old flashcards and post its to really reinforce what you have learned. Re-writing or re-typing any notes you may have taken could help you remember the information. 

Time management is also very important while preparing for midterm exams. Give yourself enough time to study for each class, and make sure to ask any unanswered questions you may still have. Waiting until the last minute to study is not enough time to remember all the information. Cramming everything into the night before is not the best solution. For students who haven’t started studying yet, now would be a great time to start. Using professional period and lunch is a great way to get in some extra study hours and to ask teachers for help. 

Daniela Madrid, a freshman here at New Providence High School states, “I plan on making flashcards for vocabulary and writing out a detailed outline for each topic.” 

Another helpful study guideline is to form a study group for each of your classes. You can not only have students from your own class but with others who share the same teacher. The town or school libraries are great places to study in small groups. Peer studying is often helpful, sometimes it’s easier to understand the concept from a peer rather than not asking anyone. 

Best of luck to all of our New Providence Pioneers taking midterms this month.  Remember these helpful study guidelines will also work for finals!


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