Mr. Keaney Starts New Job at Middle School

Mr. Keaney Starts New Job at Middle School

Janie Wu, staff writer

Big changes are happening in the New Providence School District. As of February 30, 2020, Mr. Keaney started his new job as assistant principal of New Providence Middle School. Prior to this job, he was a teacher of Biomedical Engineering and Human Physiology at the high school, as well as the head of the STEM Department. 

Previously, there were two separate principals for the separate schools with no assistant principal in the middle school. However, a reorganization was needed after the previous principal of the middle school, Mrs. Kidd, took a job out of the District. It was decided that Mrs. Zirpoli would become principal of both the high school and middle school while keeping Mr. Henry as the assistant principal of the high school. In addition, an assistant principal of the middle school was needed in order to share the workload with Mrs. Zirpoli.

This is a completely new organization that was met with a little bit of confusion, but was worked out through collaboration amongst the administrative assistants and counselors. Going into the job, Mr. Keaney expected many questions and a few concerns about the change, but fortunately, “everyone has been supportive and open to change…in their approach,” says Mr. Keaney. 

The competition for this job was quite intense. Mr. Keaney had to pass three different phases of the application process. According to Mrs. Zirpoli there were over 100 applicants for the job. They were narrowed down to 6-10 applicants that the interview committee, gathered by Mrs. Zirpoli, deemed qualified for the interview phase. Each person spent one on one time with Mrs. Zirpoli touring the school and two made it to the final interview phase with Dr. Miceli. 

Fortunately, Mr. Keaney has found the job quite enjoyable so far. However, as the school enters an unprecedented form of education through online learning, there are new challenges that the administration has to face. 

“Everyone in the district will have to work together,” says Mr. Keaney, “and I’m confident we will all rise to the challenge.”