Most helpful apps in self service

Katelyn Killian, staff writer

This year with the new school schedule due to COVID-19 most work has been done on iPads and this requires a lot of apps to help. New Providence uses Self Service on their student iPads, which is similar to the App Store but has limited apps, so students only have access to school appropriate apps. The apps available on Self Service can help you organize, learn new things, and a lot more.

Pigment seems to be a helpful app for art, and just for fun when you have no assignments.

“My favorite app on Self Service is Pigment because it is fun to color when you have free time. I like art and this app lets you draw and color,” says Emily Rosato, a senior at New Providence High School. “I use it to help me with some of my graphic design projects.”

Autodesk Sketchbook is another popular app used to make art and it also helps students design things.

“My favorite app from Self Service is Autodesk Sketchbook because it’s both useful for school assignments and personal artwork,” Amy Tao, a junior at New Providence High school says.  “It gets the job done perfectly for the visual components of school projects and allows me to pursue my own artistic endeavors as well! It is incredibly easy to edit images, and there are many diverse pen options. It is just like Photoshop, except on my iPad, which makes it really convenient to use.”

Notability is a very popular app that students say is great for organization. Organization is very needed this year with lots of Zooms.

“My favorite app is Notability because it helps me take notes and finish all my assignments on there,” says Cecilia Mancilla, a sophomore at New Providence High school. “This app helps me organize and I can use all the tools in the app for editing my notes.”

Notability is probably the most used self service app at New Providence High school. Everyone I know has it and has something posted to say about it.
Brianna Wycko, a freshman, agrees:  “My favorite app on self service is Notability. I like it because I like my notes to be fun and colorful and I am able to accomplish that virtually with that app.

Myhomework is another  great app that also helps students organize homework. It also reminds students of upcoming tests. It is sort of like an online planner.

This is sophomore Geena Machiaverna’s favorite app ” because it helps me stay organized with all of my assignments and helps me keep track of upcoming tests and quizzes.”
Duolingo is a popular game here that teaches kids a new language.

“I love duolingo because I take two languages this year and it really helps me learn them both better,” sophomore Jessica Senger says.   “Also it gives me reminders to practice so I don’t forget.”