10 Ways to Keep Busy During Holiday Break

Hayden LaRocque Green, staff writer

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many families are staying home during winter break. With all the free time, we came up with 10 creative ways to stay busy during the holidays, while following all social distancing rules of course!


1.Bake some new Recipes

Baking is always a great thing to do during the holiday season. Why not try out your skills in the kitchen? Here are some links to easy recipes you can try. 

Elf and Santa Cupcakes

Christmas Lights Sugar Cookies


2. Make Goals for the New Year

Everyone can agree that 2020 has been quite an interesting year. Although the future of 2021 is up in the air, it’s still a good idea to make goals for the next year.


3. Binge a new television series or movie franchise

With so much time over break, it’s the perfect opportunity to watch new television shows! Netflix provides the opportunity to binge watch many television shows, like The Crown and Dawson’s Creek. Also, viewers can watch the new season of Mandalorian while they rewatch the Star Wars franchise. 

This is also the perfect time to rewatch all of the popular holiday movies, or discover new ones for the first time! 

Best Holiday Movies, Ranked


4. Zoom/Fun Activities with Family

Because of the pandemic, it’s very important that extended families stay safe in their get togethers. One way to ensure that the pandemic doesn’t spread is to meet with family members virtually instead of having in-person get togethers. Families can spend time together through Zoom, or other group meetings. This can help unite families across long distances during the holiday season.

Also, while on Zoom fun activities can be planned between family members. Here’s a link to games that can be played virtually on Zoom.


5. Take Virtual Exercising Classes

It’s a great idea to try and stay fit during the holiday season, and one way to do so is by finding virtual workout classes! There are many free programs available, like “Life Time Athletic” and “Nike Training Fitness Club.” These virtual sessions allow viewers to participate in new workouts as well! For example, you can try yoga, Pilates, or kickboxing for the first time!

Here’s a link to great at-home workouts to try.


6. Start/Join a Virtual Book Club

The majority of Americans are staying home this holiday season, and they have the time to participate in new events. It would be a great idea to spend time reading, so creating a virtual book club is a great way to manage this! You and your friends can meet once every couple weeks to go over a new book. It’s a great way to be productive over break!


7. Start a Podcast

With so much time on your hands, why not start a podcast? You can talk about anything that interests you. Even if it doesn’t “take off,” it’s an entertaining way to spend your break.

Here’s an article that explains the process of starting a podcast.


8. Get Creative with New DIYs

Another great way to spend your time over holiday break is by making new crafts. The opportunities are endless! Whether it be holiday crafts, or practical DIYs, there’s always something you can make. 

Simple Christmas Crafts

12 Practical DIY Quarantine Arts and Crafts Projects


9. Learn a New Language

An ambitious goal for this holiday season would be to learn a new language. There are many websites and programs that people can learn from. Some of them are even free!

Here’s a link to free language learning websites.


10. Play new Video Games/Board Games

A great way to connect with others, or spend your own time, is through video games! There are many popular video games that are worth trying out, and some of the best ones happen to be free!

Top 40 Best Free Games You Should Play Today

Also, there are always great board games to play with family and friends, and this is a perfect opportunity to try some new ones! While most of these games cost money, they can still provide great enjoyment, and are worth checking out!