Photo Essay: A Day in the Life of an NPHS Student (COVID Edition)

NPHS Student, Tanvi Silvester, gets her temperature checked by Mrs. DeNicola before entering the school. Since the beginning of the school year, students had to get checked in the morning to ensure students with COVID-19 symptoms do not enter the school. This preliminary caution had become a necessary part of every in-person student’s routine. (Hayden LaRocque Green)
In Mrs. Henriques’ Spanish 4 class, students are given the opportunity to participate in different activities. Teachers were working to make classes more interactive despite the limitations of the pandemic. While some students sat at their desks and completed silent work, Junior Marilyn Keating and other classmates worked in a small group using the whiteboard. (Christine Benites)
NPHS junior Connor Marusic passes the halls during class admiring students’ artwork. Art from all classes was displayed for the school to see. This year, a lot of the artwork had been focusing on COVID and the pandemic. (Christine Benites)
Poriya Zarrabi, a senior at NPHS, is cooking during his Foods 2 class. Using different ingredients and recipes learned in class, Poriya was cooking spicy potatoes. Despite the pandemic, students still had the opportunity to engage in hands on classes with one student per kitchen to abide by social distancing and safety. (Christine Benites)
Students’ backpacks on the stickers six feet apart to ensure social distancing. Backpacks are left inside while students go outside for Phys Ed. Class, permitting the weather is nice to go outside. (Christine Benites)
Alexa DeSeta, an NPHS sophomore, sits outside in the courtyard during one of her classes. Students have always been encouraged to use the courtyard. With the pandemic, more students are going outside during their free periods and other academic classes for a change of scenery. (Hayden LaRocque Green)
NPHS student Anna Oliva spends her study hall relaxing and working on homework. Students used study halls as time for themselves, and due to the pandemic there is plexi glass dividing them. “Because I play golf, I get to have a study hall, which is a great break in the day,” Anna said. (Hayden LaRocque Green)
Gabby Silva, NPHS sophomore, participates in daily physical education class outside. Due to COVID-19, students had to stay six feet apart in daily gym activities. Instead of the usual sports played, students rotated through distanced workouts. (Hayden LaRocque Green)
NPHS students walk outside on a pleasant day to participate in their physical education. With the recent increase in temperature, students were able to go outside for class. They are encouraged to stay distanced throughout the time period. (Hayden LaRocque Green)
Aleksa Wehrle and Mr. Russo’s Tech and Design class paint customized wooden cars. The popular elective gave students hands-on experiences to build items. It was one of the few classes to not have plexiglass, although students were still distanced. (Hayden LaRocque Green)