A Visual Step Back into Pioneer Sports (Winter Edition)


Kalina Kornacki and Nina Illipronti, contributors

Just like the fall sports season, the winter sports were just as ruthless in their competitions and matches. Teams rolled into action, knocking out opponents and making Neer Nation proud.

The same could be said for past years. It’s crazy to think how similar each of the past athletes are to our current athletes taking victories left and right.

Below are photos of athletes from the 70s, 80s, and 90s compared to the 2021 athletes. The older photos were taken directly from the yearbooks, provided by the media center, and the newer photos were taken by Devin Lippman.


Shonchori Mukherjee (2022) and a Varsity swimmer (2003)
Owen Forbes (2022) and a Varsity shot put thrower (2005)
Two Varsity wrestlers for New Providence (2022 and 1998)
Jackson Zarinko (2022) and a Varsity basketball player (1982)
Floyd Conlin (2022) and a Varsity swimmer (2003)
Kelly Cook (2022) and a Varsity track athlete (2003)
Avery Lee, Maddie Hasenkopf, Catherine Conover, and Colleen Horan (2022) with 4 other Varsity swimmers (2006)
New Providence Varsity wrestler (2022) with Dan Ingrassia (1997)
Grace Kelly (2022) and Paige Hadkte (1986)
Sarah Ure (2022) and a Varsity shot put thrower (2008)

Colin Cadmus (2022) and Mike Landsittel (1985