Teachers…… They Got Rejected Too


Sophia Salazar, staff writer

With graduation nearly a month away, the senior class of 2022 has already decided where they want to spend their next couple of years. The college application process is a tough one, and it can be challenging to your mental health and sense of self.  It can feel like your life is over if you don’t get in to that school you have been dreaming about forever, but rejection is a part of life, and so is learning to live with it.  Sometimes it’s the best thing that could ever happen to you.  Even our best teachers at NPHS have also had to handle rejection. We spoke to some of them to see where they didn’t get in to school, and how they feel about it now. 


Ms. Berrios attended TCNJ and was waitlisted from NYU and University of Miami:  “Rejection doesn’t define you. I’m happy with the decision that I made and I never think about where I was waitlisted from.”  


Mrs. Timmerman attended Boston University but was rejected from Georgetown and the University of Pennsylvania:  “Because Georgetown was such a popular school at the time, I was so upset I didn’t µget in. But, now that I went to BU, I quickly realized it was the best fit for me and I had no regrets.” 


Dr. Hasson attended Notre Dame and got rejected from Princeton: “Princeton would have been the wrong choice for me because I wasn’t the kind of person who would have done well there, otherwise I would have gotten in.”

Some teachers told us that even though they weren’t outright rejected by any schools, they had to make strategic decisions during the application process.

Mr. Arnold attended the University of Delaware instead of one of the other two schools he applied to: Penn State University and Shippensburg University:  “Back then, applying to 20 or so schools wasn’t common. I originally only applied to Delaware, but I soon realized I needed to apply to other schools in case I didn’t get in.”

Ms. Avila attended Kean University, but also got into Columbia and Syracuse:  “Columbia was my dream school, but Kean offered me too much money to turn down. I felt proud as an individual because I didn’t have any debt, but all of my colleagues did.”

Although some teachers were rejected or waitlisted from prestigious schools, it never stopped them from achieving their biggest goals. They were able to shed light on negative situations that may have been seen as an end of the world scenario.