Getting to Know NP: Rachel Flanagan


Sophia Salazar, staff writer

How long have you worked here in New Providence? 

“I have actually just hit my ten years here at OLP (as Youth Ministry Leader). I’m really happy with this achievement.” 

What do you appreciate about the community here? 

“I think this community is very generous and I think there’s always a spirit of wanting to help. Doing service and helping others that are less fortunate really comes easily to people here.”

What is your role in the community? How about this organization? 

“I coordinate youth ministry for middle and high schoolers. I also run the confirmation program. But, I think the heart of that is helping younger people find themselves and the light inside them.” 

What impact have you/your organization had on this community? 

“I have noticed that teens are now starting to cast their own visions here. They’re now starting to take ownership and want to go out and help others.” 

How did everything here at OLP start? 

“Well, when Father Bill needed help with connecting to teens, he brought me in and we just planted roots. I originally started this program to bring more people into the church, but I then focused on younger kids.”

How does this affect you personally?

“It makes me a better person. When I’m constantly inviting teenagers to be the best version of themselves, it pushes me to be the best version of myself.” 

How did COVID affect everything? 

“Oddly enough, our program grew during COVID. We were able to quickly adapt to the changes, and the church became a consistent safe place for a lot of people. Obviously it was an awful thing, but goodness really came out of it because we were all more connected.”