Getting to know NP: Bob Bechburger


Franklin Markel, Sports Editor

How long have you been working in New Providence?

Seven years, I live here in town.

What would you say is the best thing about living and working in New Providence?

New Providence is cool, it’s a safe town, it’s got great education, no negatives at all. People love to live here. It’s got plenty of stores, it’s close to the highways, and it’s an extremely safe place for kids.

What are the benefits working in a gym (the Fitness Factory), seeing so many local kids come in and work out?

We really increased our number of kids from the high school. At about 3:10 every afternoon 20 or 30 kids come in here and work out for an hour and a half, so it’s good to see them get in here and do it. It just molds their lives correctly and it’s fun to have them here.

Would you ever see yourself leaving New Providence?

Well my grandchildren are here too so I’m probably going to be here forever. It’s a great place to live and I have no plans of leaving ever. I’m spoiled, once you live in a great town like New Providence it’s impossible to find somewhere else to live.