Meet Mr. Goldstein

Victor Bannworth, contributor

New Providence has a diverse and unique staff, each with their own personalities that they share with all of their students in class. The only problem with this is that many students don’t get to have or experience each teacher’s style or even know a little about why they got into teaching. That is why I’ve decided to start to interview teachers and ask a couple of questions about them and how they came to be teachers. This week, I decided to interview Mr. Goldstein, one of the longest tenured teachers in the high school.

David Goldstein has worked at New Providence High School for 25 years, and has been teaching students for a total of 28 years. At this school, he has had the pleasure of teaching all English subjects, including APLAC this year. What Mr. Goldstein enjoys most from teaching is class discussions and arguing in a healthy manner: “Thank you cards are great too, I appreciate them.”

Graduating from University of Connecticut with a Masters in English, Goldstein first started his career in publishing before teaching. He eventually found his joy in teaching English. While teaching, he empathizes by reading text and drawing connections from what is read, and feels that he becomes more knowledgeable after each class.

His favorite author is Raymond Chandler, a detective crime writer. He watches baseball, bike racing, and plays tennis. Goldstein’s favorite countries are France and Canada.

When he was in High School, he especially enjoyed his AP English class since the teacher was brilliant, had high standards, and treated her students like adults:  “My favorite teacher was Mrs. Garvin, my AP English teacher.  She would always push us to grow as writers and readers,” said Goldstein. 

He feels that this positively impacted his career and teaching at NPHS. What Goldstein brings to English is a positive and healthy learning environment, which fosters students that are engaged and cooperative in class activities.