NFL Free Agent Free For All

John Geoffroy, staff writer

The NFL is going to be really different in a couple of months, and it is because of the free agents. Many amazing free agents are out like Le’Veon Bell, Tom Brady, Derrick Henry, Dak Prescott, and Melvin Gordon. Being a free agent means that any team can pick you up whenever they want and add you to their team. But, with all of these superstars in the mix, pre-season is going to be insane. 

One of the free agents is the 6 time Super Bowl, 4 time Super Bowl MVO, and a 3 time league MVP, Tom Brady. Coming to the end of his career, I would expect him to be signed by a team desperate for a quarterback, like the Bears, the Colts, or the Chargers. I went around NPHS to ask students where they think Tom Brady will go. One person told me, “the Titans could have easily won if they had a good quarterback, so I think he will go there”. Someone else said, “It’s hard to imagine him leaving, but if he did I think he would go to the Chargers”.

Another great free agent this year is Derrick Henry. This year in the playoffs, Derrick Henry single handedly brought his team to the AFC Championship beating the former champs, the Patriots, and the top seed, the Ravens. 

I asked more students around NPHS and one said, “I think the Titans will re-sign him because he’s a good all around player and is good in the playoffs. I think other teams will think he is too expensive and skip him.”

Dak Prescott, the quarterback for “America’s team” is also a free agent this year. In his rookie year, he got Rookie of the Week 5 times and Rookie of the Year. He didn’t play great last season, narrowly missing the playoffs, but some teams need a player like Dak and it is still a mystery where he will go. 

One student told me, “I think Dak will go to the Buccaneers, because they need a quarterback like Dak and he will fit in with the team.”  But, if Dak leaves the Cowboys also are going to be in need of a quarterback like Dak and could be the spot for some rookies in the draft. Another student says, “I think Dak will get franchise tagged by the Cowboys so he can stay longer.”

This free agency will be a big one with many superstars leaving their original teams. This will make some teams a lot better and some teams, like the Patriots, a lot worse.