Product Review: Is Scrub Daddy worth the hype?

Maddox Gallagher, staff writer

The Scrub Daddy might just be the greatest invention of our lifetime. The ability to clean at the rate it does by far surpasses any sponge on the planet. What separates the Scrub Daddy from the rest of the competition is the way it can change texture due to the temperature of water. The Scrub Daddy is made from a highly engineered polymer foam. The foam is called FlexTexture and is exclusive to the Scrub Daddy company. When you put the material under warm water, the sponge gets very soft and perfect for washing dishes. Cold water makes the sponge stiffen up which helps clean pots and pans. 

Lauren Byrnes, a senior at NPHS, says: “The Scrub Daddy was given to me as a Christmas gift this past year. I was hesitant at first as getting a sponge isn’t really on top of the list, but when I used it, I was astonished. It cleans the dishes way better than any other sponge I have ever had ” 

In my own experience with the Scrub Daddy, I have noticed it to be very effective in its one purpose, to clean. The mouth on the sponge is a perfect place to clean utensils. It makes the utensils gleam as they will be cleaner than they have ever been before.

The one complaint that me and many others seem to have is the durability of the product. Many people notice that their Scrub Daddy starts to slowly deteriorate as you use it. The sponge will probably last about a month to two months before you must get another one. While less durable than other sponges, the speediness and effectiveness at which you can clean easily makes up for low durability. The price is about $4 per Scrub Daddy, which makes it a very cheap option to use. 

“While the Scrub Daddy might not last as long as I would want to, I have to say its performance is top notch and is highly worth the investment. Using the Scrub Daddy for the first time was amazing and cleaned better than I could have ever imagined”, said Tim Walsh, a junior who also has experience with it.