What Would You Do?

Emi Goswami, staff writer

We’ve all thought about it.  What would you do if you won the lottery?  l depends on the person and their characteristics that make them who they are.

We asked students at New Providence High School what they would do if they won 1,000,000 dollars in the lottery.  Not surprisingly, they each had a different answer.

Lily Pergola (freshman): “If I won the lottery I would give half to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  Those kids need the money more than me, and I want to give back to the community!  The other half would be saved for college because it’s very expensive and I don’t want to pay any debt.”

Shonchori Mukherjee (sophomore): “I would probably use that money to help my family first.  I would then use some for a vacation to Greece and keep the rest in a savings account.”

Max Ortiz (junior):  “I would invest most of the money into a company or somewhere safe.  Not really spend a lot of it.”

Gabriella Pickton (senior):  “If I won the lottery I’d take a year and some of the money to travel around the world.  Then I’d take the rest of the money and buy an apartment in London.”

So, how would you spend your money if you won the lottery?