Blood Drive

Blood Drive

Michael Molstad, Editor and Chief


May 30th! Mark your calendars!

It’s never too early to start thinking about making a difference! This spring, NPHS will be hosting its annual blood drive! If you are 17 or older you can sign up and donate blood! Not only do you get to miss class and get points for your field day team, but you can help someone in need.

Someone needs a blood transfusion every 2 seconds, and there is never enough to give to all those in need. 37% of American citizens are eligible to donate blood, but only 10% do. The blood drive is a chance for the Pioneers to help boost those numbers in the right direction.

Unfortunately there are many restrictions for who can donate blood that all students should be aware of. Soon there will be signs throughout the school informing students about who can donate, and who can’t. There are weight requirements that must be filled, and if you are eligible to donate you have to make sure to eat a lot that day!

Signups will be up soon, so get ready to make a difference!