Boys Lax Preview

Boys Lax Preview

Owen Sammaron

As winter sports come to an end the fascinating spring sport season begins.   Having concluded their 8th season last year with a record of 16 – 3, the New Providence boys varsity lacrosse team has a lot to be proud of.  In the 2012 season three records were broken: wins, hosting playoff games, and wins in playoff games.   Also, the team moved to the 2nd round of playoffs, which was also a groundbreaking accomplishment in the program.  Sadly, the exciting season came to an end after a lost to Mahwah.  The 2012 boys lacrosse season was sure one for the record books, but now approaching the regular season of the 2013 season the athletes are looking to beat their previous records.

Coach Vinny Carangelo returns for his third season as head coach and he brings with him two new assistant coaches:  Russ Anderson and Chet Parlavecchio Jr. who both have experience in the game of lacrosse. Also, a returning assistant coach is Scott Shepherd who has been with the team for three years now and helps with the defense and conditioning.  

 There are many tests for the boys this season, who have a true shot at winning the conference and getting the team a banner.  Never in the history of boys lacrosse at New ProvidenceHigh School has a team won the conference or states.  That’s the main motivation for all the athletes who practice every day in any weather conditions.  With almost 50 athletes on the squad this season many kids are battling for those main spots on the field.  While the defense and attack seem to be set in stone the midfield position is not filled quite yet. The varsity starter who has the most experience is Derek Singer, who will be a huge threat this season.

​After losing 5 senior midfielders this past year there are many open spots.  According to Coach Carangelo:  “I think we have a lot of guys who have been preparing for this for the last few years and are ready to step up. Also, having Derek Singer return to the position as a four-year starter he will work to stabilize the newer guys to stepping into starting roles for the first time. And with each day I can see the team grow together and by the start of the regular season I’m confident there will be a select number of boys who have the passion for this game and will put in the hard work to give us the W.”  

​Junior Attack man James Burke is returning to the Pioneer lacrosse team with a new outlook.  Recently committed to BostonUniversity to play Division 1 lacrosse, he is psyched for the season to come: “I think that these next two years will help me grow more as a player by making me more versatile in our motion offense. Also, simply looking for more of my guys who are looking to shoot rather then myself taking it to the goal.”

 The players and coaches have the right attitude and mindset in which they should surely accomplish greatness with this season to come.