State Champs

Sarah Barquero, staff writer

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Isn’t it a great year to be a Lady Pioneer? Thanks to the girls basketball determination and excellent play they made it through every round in States, leading them to the big game in Toms River:  the State Final. They won, leaving the crowd and our whole town astonished at the tremendous effort which was put forth.  This was the first year since 2011 that they had won the title of Group 1 State Champs. Everyone was aware of the outstanding talent that the team had, with Sydney Morang, a starting junior, who broke 1,000 points her sophomore year and is signed to play ball at Florida State next year, they were definitely a force to be reckon with in Group 1. They took everyone by surprise when they beat the power house, Shabazz.

The season was more than what each girl expected it to be. Three seniors, Kelsey Quinn, Emily Molstad, and Anthonnella Chacon will be dearly missed as they go off to college.  This year was definitely one to remember, 2015 will be marked on the banner under Girls Basketball Group 1 champs forever, allowing for all incoming Pioneers to appreciate the year.

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