The Marching Band Recognizes its Seniors

Troy Droussiotis, Mia Fusillo, and Ben Gotoff, staff writers

Miriam Hyde, Woodwind Captain

What is the most rewarding or enjoyable aspect of being a section leader?

“The most rewarding part of being a captain is giving back to the band after it has given me so much. I have absolutely loved my experience in the Marching Band, and much of this is due to the great people involved in it. Mr. N, Mr. Baker, and the other instructors, in addition to student leaders and other members of the band, have helped create such an amazing program that I am proud to be a part of. I hope that my efforts as captain give back just a portion of what I have received.”

Ben Homa, Trombone Section Leader

What is the most enjoyable part about being a section leader?

“Getting to know your section and make it like a family, and just be friends with your section.”

Troy Droussiotis, Drum Major

What is your favorite thing about being a drum major?

“I really like talking to everyone, as the drum major I get to spend time floating around and checking on everyone. It’s great because I have really gotten to know people.”

Megan Aprill, Color Guard Captain

What is the most rewarding or enjoyable part about being in color guard?

“I think the most rewarding part is being able to do the whole show on the field, and feeling good about your performance and just being able to smile the whole time, and just enjoying every second of it, especially at a competition when people are clapping for you, and just getting that feeling that you’re doing something with the whole community. It’s just really great.”

Alex Fischbeck, Drum Major

What is your favorite part that you’ve experienced this year as being drum major?

“I love knowing everyone in the band, like talking to everyone more often, and just getting to know everyone better.”

Pat Trezza, Quints

What’s it like being in both marching band and football, being the only one this season who does both?

“It’s a lot, it’s a big responsibility, but it’s an honor to do both. Mr. N gives us the opportunity and it’s such a good thing that we do.”

Emily George, Flute

What is one of your favorite memories from the past four years?

“My favorite memory is when everyone was singing along to the drum cadence and how they were so excited so much that the bleachers were shaking.”

Will Matsikoudis, Baritone

What is the best part about marching band?

“The best part about marching band is performing because it is the result of all the hours put into practice.”

Emily Bian, Color Guard

What is your favorite competition that you have been able to perform at?

“I would have to say MetLife despite the distracting screens.”

Catherine Cirrotti, Tenor Sax

What is the best part about marching band?

“I really like the end product that we end up with at the end of the season. It’s really fun when all of our hard work pays off, and we have a great show as a group.”

Kelly Turner, Piccolo

What was your favorite show and why?

“My favorite show was my sophomore year when we did Beethoven because the music was so crazy and super fun, and it was a classic that everyone knew, but the show had a really big impact point at the end, and the seniors made it really fun.”

Jeremy DeMarco, Pit Section Leader

What is your favorite memory over the past four years from NPHS Marching Band?

“There has been a lot of good memories, I have formed strong friendships and relationships with people in the pit and made a lot of memories.”