Volleyball 2019: Goals for this season

Carmen Houtsma, staff writer

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We interviewed two Volleyball coaches and a volleyball player about their hopes for this season, if they are confident about this season, and what they think about their teams this year.

The head coach of Girls Volleyball at New Providence High School, Ms. Finis, coaches the Varsity Volleyball team. She is hoping for a fun, enjoyable, and productive season this year.

“As the majority of my team is made of seniors, I hope to give them an enjoyable last season of playing volleyball at the high school level.” She also feels “confident about this season because the girls I have on the team have been working together since their freshman year. The bond that they have is seen both on and off the court and it is evident that all levels look up to them not only for skill, but for the bond they hold.” Coach Finis also said that she loves her team this year.

She loves, “the excitement that [the varsity team] hold to play volleyball. If I allowed them, they would practice through the night! They are passionate about the sport of volleyball.”

Coach Eng, the coach for the Freshman Volleyball team also wants to have a fun, enjoyable, and productive season this year:  “I hope they grow to love the game of volleyball as much as the coaches who are providing the guidance and instructions. I hope that the Freshman players look back at their HS freshman volleyball as a great team experience.”

The Freshman on the Volleyball team also seem to have high hopes for this season.

“My hopes for the season is that we play really well in all our games and we give it our all. And that we all grow in our skills and as a team in general,” said freshman Sophia Rucinski. Coach Eng also talks about the team this year, and how everyone on the team works together.

“The best thing about the teams this year is the diversity in personality and skills.  There are the more experienced players who are taking the time to share their knowledge,  the more vocal players providing their support and raising the spirits of the teams.”

Freshman Volleyball player Sophia Ruchunski agrees:  “I think our team works very hard and plays well in general.  I like how everyone really pushes themselves, tries to be the best they can be, and they encourage others when they’re struggling, rather than getting impatient or upset with them.”