Mr. Parlavecchio: The Teacher and Football Coach


Maddox Gallagher, staff writer

Being a teacher at a high school is already very hard, but being a history teacher and a head football coach seems like an impossible task.

Mr. Parlavecchio makes it look so easy. 

Mr. Parlavecchio got his interest in football from his dad. His father was a very successful player, playing at college and then going pro with the Green Bay Packers. His father also started to coach football after his playing days, so this really made football part of Mr. Parlavecchio’s early life.

Mr. Parlavecchio started playing football in second grade. He was a linebacker and played football through his senior year at Union College in New York.

When asked about the NPHS team, Mr. Parlavecchio explained how they were 4-1 on the season. He feels confident so far in the team, explaining how “some key guys are really stepping up for us this season.” He knows that they still must put in a lot of work at practice as there are still a few games left. Mentioning the success they had last year, Mr. Parlavecchio hopes to do the same this year. But, no matter how big of a game they are playing, he always prepares the same. He is always very detailed in his practices so they get the most out of them. 

He also believes in constantly stressing fundamentals and watching film, as he believes that you can learn a lot from film and it hones you in on what you personally must do in that game.

The choice to teach history came to him while he was in college. He just walked in to a business class and 15 minutes later walked out and joined a history class. In the history class, his professor made the class very special to him. His professor inspired him so much that he wanted to teach the class so he could try and make the kids feel the way the professor made him feel. Of course, Mr. Parlavecchio was humble and said he was wasn’t as good, but he just might be. If he had to teach a different subject, he said he would most likely become a gym teacher. 

Mr. Parlavecchio strives to inspire kids the way his professor did for him. He is a great history teacher and an even better football coach. He turned around the program and made the team  very good. I hope he continues to work here and inspires kids everyday.