Boys Soccer: An Interview with Christian Muller


Maddox Gallagher, staff writer

The soccer playoffs are one of the most entertaining parts of the year. The tensions are always high as it is only a one game elimination tournament. Taking your opponent lightly could mean an end to the magical playoff run. The boys this year sit at the number 6th seed and are looking to repeat the almost perfect run last year.Christian Muller was on the team last year but really took his game to the next level this year. He has started every game he has been healthy and is one of the leading scorers on the team. We talked to him about the playoffs and he seemed very excited about it.

He mentioned how it is very fun to go out and play and really represent the school through the team: “The team last year was very, very good. But, if we play our A game for eighty straight minutes, no one can beat us.”

Muller is very confident in the team and went on to say how the team’s biggest strength is how the entire offensive unit has great control of the ball. The chemistry is also a great strength, as the team has gotten a lot closer as the year has gone on.

The hard work that the boys have put in has been really showing in practice. Muller also commented on how the coach has been preparing them for the playoffs by really emphasizing communication and brotherhood.

After the boys won their first playoff game, winning 3 – 0, and making it to at least the semi-finals, Muller said: “We played an entire eighty minute game and committed very few errors, we could not ask for anything else.”