Talking to Brandon Ng About Winter Track

Talking to Brandon Ng About Winter Track

Maddox Gallagher, staff writer

What events do you do for winter track?

“I’m going to be running the 55m, 4×200, and I’m going to be jumping long and triple if the meets allow for it”

Are you excited for the season?

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to a great season, and hoping that we can place well as a team”

What are the expectations for the season?

“Obviously to get new PRs and to make it to Groups”

How is the team looking?

“Even though we graduated some seniors, everybody is stepping up to fill their roles. So we are looking pretty solid for the year”

What is the best part of winter track?

“The best part of winter track are the meets. There aren’t as many meets as in the spring so when they do come around you have to make sure you’re at your best” 

What is the worst part of winter track?

“The worst part is definitely the weather. We run outside so the cold is always challenging”

Are the Seniors helpful?

“Of course. They’ve been on the team for a long time so they are always giving helpful tips”

Are the coaches helpful?

“Yeah, they help with the technique of your event, allowing you to get your best times and distances.” 

What lessons have you learned through winter track?

“Hardwork and perseverance allows you to accomplish anything”

Would you recommend winter track to kids who do not participate?

“Truthfully, winter track is the beginning of pre-season for Spring Track. If they want to win, which we have done, in the spring they should join.”