Track Veterans Reflect 

Evren Ozgu, staff writer

Spring Track has just arrived and I had the luck to be able to question some track athletes on their past decisions and how their journey through track has affected them. I was able to speak with David Aprill, Lauren House, Chris Verbaro, and a few other track athletes that we are very lucky to have on our team. 

I asked them what made them want to sign up for track. Some of their answers are pretty typical.  Aprill said: “All of my friends were doing it and I had nothing to do.”

Alex Bansworth, who has been on track for two winter seasons now, said “I wanted a sports study.”

Chris Verbaro said “I enjoy running and I enjoy the process of getting better.” 

Lauren House stated that it’s really a lot of fun to be a part of a team and to challenge yourself to do better. 

Some of the best moments of track are the feeling of relief after a hard workout and just being a part of a great team. The worst parts, however, according to Christina Alexandrov and  House are the workouts or, according to Melanie Huashuayo “the two laps.” 

So there are some ups and downs of being on track especially at the beginning and the end of track practice. 

Arguably, the worst part of track is the fear that comes along with it. Track isn’t just a race against other people it’s a race against yourself. Most track athletes such as Alexandrov admit that their biggest fears are failing themselves by running a bad time, fouling out everytime you throw at a track meet, or having something else go horribly wrong at a meet. 

When the trackies are about to start their event there is a certain rush that they get. 

“It’s like tunnel vision, it’s only the main objective” Huashuayo explained about the feelings she has just before she throws. 

There are even those who follow a pre-meet ritual such as Daniel Aranda who chants a little before he races: “Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme get on, it’s pasta time.”  This is probably one of the best rituals that I have ever heard. 

To have a nice send off I asked the trackies what track meant to them. 

“It’s the one sport that if you put in the work and follow the program you will get the results” said Verbaro who jumps in the high jump event and sprinting. 

For Housse, a distance runner, it’s more about the team:  “Definitely for me because the team means so much for me since all my teammates are all my best friends and they work so much and it’s just a part of who I am.” 

We hope that the track team has an amazing season in the spring and wish them a quick return to school.