Virtual Senior Day: Girls Lacrosse

Franklin Markel, staff writer

The highlight of a senior athlete’s year is almost always their Senior Day. It’s a time for recognition and thanks for every kid who has put their all into a program. With the pandemic cancelling spring sports, and leaving these seniors without a true Senior Day experience, I’m going to try my best to replicate it, virtually, because it’s the best we can do to give these seniors the adequate thanks they deserve.

This article will highlight one of the more successful programs in recent Pioneers history, the Girls Lacrosse team.

This class has experienced success from start to finish in their tenure at New Providence. In the three seasons they’ve played, the Pioneers have put up a combined record of 37-19. The team has made the county semifinals and sectional semifinals in every season this class has played. These Seniors have also seen two regular season conference co-championships and one undisputed conference championship. 

Head Coach Jennifer Henry had this to say about the senior class as a whole:  “Living in the community, I have known some of these players longer than their days playing lacrosse for our team. I was aware of their talents and love for the game. What I began to appreciate truly was how each of the seven players were amazing supportive friends on and off the field. When one reached a goal, all sincerely celebrated and recognized the achievement. When one struggled or had a bad practice/game, there was a supporting friend to help get them back on their feet and strive to get past the struggle. All of them are kind and encouraging to one another, strive to be competitive on and off the field, and have been the most cohesive, respectful, entertaining group of players I have been fortunate to coach while at New Providence High School. I feel all of these quality attributes are a significant reason we won three conference champions in a row.

I always look forward to each season, but this season was going to be the best of the best. Sadly we all missed and adjusted to the challenges this spring. Looking back, although disappointed and frustrated not to have coached these players their senior year, I realize I already had the best of the best in the last three years. We would have had more success, challenges, and fun. But my outlook is that we missed this season, but fortunately, I was able to have the three previous seasons and wouldn’t change that for anything!”

And here are the 2020 Girls Lacrosse Seniors:

Kaitlyn Cumiskey 

4 Year Varsity Award Winner

Teammate Quotes:

“Kaitlyn was a great player and teammate. She inspires all her other teammates around her to try hard and work their best”

 “Kaitlyn has been such a role model for all of us. She’s such a presence on the field, and has made everyone around her a better player.”

Kaitlyn will be attending The University of Pennsylvania and is currently undecided about her major.


Nicole Darling 

4 Year Varsity Award Winner

Teammate Quotes:

“Nicole is always kind and helpful. Whenever you didn’t understand a drill or something she would always do her best to help”

“Nicole has made such an impact throughout the past few years. She has so much talent and leadership skills.”

Nicole will be attending Virginia Tech and studying Engineering. 


Sophia Marinello 

4 Year Varsity Award Winner

Teammate Quotes:

“Sophia has guided our team immensely, being a leader of the offense. She’s such a great teammate and friend to have.”

“Sophia is such a great person and fun to be around with. She knows exactly what to say when you need it. Her presence on the field will be hard to replace.”

Sophia will be attending Quinnipiac University and studying Athletic Training and Physical Therapy.


Kaylee Marzynski 

4 Year Varsity Award Winner 

Teammate Quotes:

“Kaylee always had so much team spirit and would always keep them motivated to try their hardest.”

“Kaylee has been one of the best leaders on our team. She works super hard and always has a smile on her face. She’s super happy and welcoming.”

Kaylee will be attending Virginia Tech and will be studying Business.


Sadie Miller 

4 Year Varsity Award Winner 

Teammate Quotes: 

“Sadie has brought the best energy to this team. She has been so crucial to our team’s success over the past few years.”

“Sadie really brings the team together, she is so welcoming and knows how to make everyone feel included. She’s a really good player and friend on and off the field.”

Sadie will be attending Villanova University and is currently undecided about her major.


Anna Munoz 

3 Year Varsity Award Winner 

Teammate Quotes:

“Anna has been such a hard worker on the attack. She has done so much for our team, and has been the best teammate.”

“Anna brings such good energy to the team and has such a strong work ethic. She is the best example of what a good teammate should look like.”

Anna will be attending Boston College and studying Finance. 


Claudia Vitale

3 Year Varsity Award Winner 

Teammate Quotes:

 “Claudia has been the backbone of our whole team! She makes unbelievable plays and has made them look effortless.” 

“I don’t know what we would do without Claudia. She does a great job of directing everyone on the field and her banana bread and pumpkin muffins are the best.”

Claudia will be attending Syracuse University and studying Television Radio and Film.


It’s clear that from day one this group has cemented their change into this program. They have done something every senior class aims to do:  left the program better off than it was when they came in. And for that the community, classmates, and teammates are all thankful for the work this class has put in. It never should have ended that way but life happens, and just like a Lacrosse game these Seniors will find a way to come out on top.