Virtual Senior Day: Baseball


Franklin Markel, staff writer

The highlight of a senior athlete’s year is almost always their Senior Day. It’s a time for recognition and thanks for every kid who has put their all into a program. With the pandemic cancelling spring sports, and leaving these seniors without a true Senior Day experience, I’m going to try my best to replicate it, virtually, because it’s the best we can do to give these seniors the adequate thanks they deserve.

This article is highlighting a team that was coming off back to back sectional titles and was primed for contention in the state tournament yet again:  the NPHS baseball team.

This 2020 Senior class has reached the ultimate goal of a class of players. That goal is leaving the program better than when you came in as Freshman. The first year for these Seniors was a tough one, as the Pioneers went 9-17 with first round exits in both the county and state tournament. Their Sophomore and Junior years were memorable, though. The Pioneers went a combined 34-20 the next two seasons and took home back to back sectional titles. That growth as a program was set for another year before all spring athletics were cancelled due to the virus. 

Coach Brodeur had this to say about the senior class:

“It would have been really special to see how this senior class would have come together as a team. I wish we would have had the opportunity to have some struggles and then overcome them. This would have been how we could have really grown close, as most teams do. However, I know this group is resilient and will grow from the situation that they have endured.”


Here are the Baseball seniors:


Aidan Donnelly

2 Year Varsity Award Winner 

Teammate quote:

“Aidan works his butt off in everything he does. Whether it be school or sports, he’s a natural leader who makes everyone around him better.”

Aidan will be attending Union College and is studying Engineering.


Danny Farley

1 Year Varsity Award Winner 

Teammate Quote:

“Danny was a great player who was always focused on getting better and winning. One of the best pitchers I’ve ever played with.”

Danny will be attending the University of Scranton and is currently undecided about a major.


Matthew Magnani

1 Year Varsity Award Winner 

Teammate Quote:

“Matt Mags is the life of any team. He’s able to keep everyone’s head up and make everyone laugh even during tough times.”

Matt will be attending Duquesne University and is studying Marketing.


Jason Marcantuone

1 Year Varsity Award Winner 

Teammate Quote:

“Jason is also a very hard worker. He’s worked extremely hard to become the player that he is today. He pushes others and brings out the good in everyone.”

Jason will be attending the University of Delaware and is studying Physical Therapy.


Nate Scott

3 Year Varsity Award Winner 

Teammate Quote:

“Nate’s a great pitcher and an even better teammate. He would’ve been our ace this year and led us to a very successful season.”

Nate will be attending Ithaca University and is studying Business.


Andrew Shen

2 Year Varsity Award Winner 

Teammate Quote:

“Andrew has a great personality and is someone that you always want to be around. His actions always humor the team and lift our spirits during bad moments.”


Mason Villa

1 Year Varsity Award Winner 

Teammate Quote:

“Mason gives his all in every game and is a great teammate. It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t be with him during his last season” 

Mason will be attending a trade school studying to be an Electrician.


The baseball season ended prematurely and every single one of these student athletes deserved that one final go. Life gets in the way sometimes. Baseball is somewhat of a majestic sport at New Providence. It tends to bring everyone together for a few weeks, especially when the team is going on playoff runs. That couldn’t be possible without this class’s leadership and determination. This isn’t how their senior season should have ended, but it was. In a tough time like this the only consolation we all have to offer is thanks. Thank you to all the players for representing this school and community so well. You will all be missed.