What Are NPHS Students Doing This Summer?

Victor Bannworth, contributor

With the School year coming to a close and the weather warming up, summer is on every student’s mind. This summer has opened up new opportunities due to the decreasing COVID-19 restrictions, which have allowed for more hanging out and parties. With New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s lifting the indoor mask mandate, and announcing other reduced restrictions,  things seem to finally be moving towards ‘normal’, right in time for the nice weather and sunshine.

With businesses opening up and increased outdoor and indoor activities kids will be occupied all summer.  At the same time this is beneficial to people looking to make some cash, or even just for some community service. And yes, I’m talking about doing some extra work during the time off. The range of activities are only limited to your interest. 

This actually appeals to many students at New Providence, seeing that they have a chance to make money, as well as experience having a job, having fun, and getting a head start on their plans for the future. Here is some insight from students at our school, who shared their plans and goals for the summer of 2021. 

Julia B., a sophomore at NPHS wants to experience a ‘normal summer’, which includes reconnecting with friends, forgetting about last year, and enjoying the free time.

“I’ve been babysitting all year”, she said, “and that’s the job I’m probably going to do in the summer.” 

Another student, Lucas G., a freshman, is working at the town pool as a lifeguard.

He said he “plan(s) on hanging out with friends as much as possible.”

Senior student Griffin P. is going down to South Carolina with his girlfriend, as well as working at the Lantern Hill senior living center.

“But I’m probably going to get to college early to get to know everyone”, Griffin said. 

This summer people are expanding their horizons, working on what brings them joy and doing something extra to help the community. The free time the students are given allows them to find out more about themselves and other people.

Whether working jobs or focusing on their mental health and relaxing, students at NPHS are achieving great gains this summer. The boundless activities give everyone a chance to experience something new and exciting this summer.  So whatever you do and wherever you go, make sure you have fun doing it.