Club Fair Showcases All NPHS Has to Offer


Nina Illipronti, staff writer

After school clubs are a huge part of high school as they support interests and introduce students to new hobbies.

This year the Club Fair at the New Providence High School will be held on October 6, 2021.

The Club Fair is when the members of different clubs set up stations which provide information to the students about their clubs. Some of these clubs include the Harry Potter Club and the Mathematics Club. 

Mrs. Egnozzi, the Club Fair organizer, Peer Leader Advisor and math teacher, states that she, “wants everybody to be aware of all the different opportunities [the school has to offer] Especially as a freshman, […] you might not even know what your interests even are yet.” 

A member of Egnozzi’s Peer Leaders group, a school group that sets up events and provides support and guidance around the school, suggested the idea of the fair when they realized that many freshmen, and high schoolers in general, tend to limit their interests to sports, and extra-curriculars like bands or tutoring. 

“One of the Peer Leaders, […] a junior or senior at the time, mentioned that they wanted to do something like this, and they thought Peer Leaders was a good avenue to go through,” Egnozzi said.

They then brought this idea to the principal at the time, Mrs. Zirpoli, and she loved it. 

Egnozzi’s favorite thing about the Club Fair is when there’s a freshman student who discovers a group that makes them excited to join.

She states how, “that’s like the best feeling.”