Senior Lottery Guarantees Fair Shot at Lot


Robbie Maisch, staff writer

On September 17th, 2021, the senior parking lottery for New Providence High School took place, promising guaranteed parking in the school senior parking lot for those who won. Students who applied for a parking spot, via an application form, received an email from the school bearing news as to whether or not they were picked to receive a spot. Those who won could retrieve a card from the Main Office that showed the number of the spot they received. 

The lottery only gave guaranteed parking for the first semester however, and students who did not win this lottery will replace those who did in the Senior Lot once the second semester begins. As a result, the lottery system guarantees that every student who applied for a spot can receive one at some point throughout the year

Many students at New Providence High school think fondly of this system.  Gregory Genualdi, for example, applied for and won a spot in the first semester lottery. He, like many others, uses his spot to not only get to and from school, but also to have easy access to his car for lunch break. Greg mentioned that he liked the lottery system for student parking, deeming it a “fair” method for students to have ease of access in terms of parking.

Another student, Owen Fanning, is not only parking at the school every day this year, but also parked at the school for much of last year. He claims that parking at the school is “much easier than last year because of the Senior Lot”. In addition, when asked his thoughts on the lottery system, he had positive commentary to give about the system, saying that “the lottery was efficient”.

In addition, the email sent out by the high school mentioned that alternative parking to the Senior Lot can be found in the New Providence Community Pool parking lot, just on the other side of Lieder Field. Students who didn’t apply for a spot in the Senior Lot, or who don’t have access to one, can find plenty of parking space there, ensuring that no student needs to go without a parking spot.