Spirit Week: What’s It All About?

Ava Cumiskey, staff writer

It is no surprise that Spirit Week is one of the most fun and uplifting weeks of school. Usually occurring in the Fall, Spirit Week is a week of character education, where students and staff express their creativity through crazy outfits, costumes, and decorations based solely on the themes of the week. Not only do students get to let loose and have fun, they develop important character values such as fairness, individuality, and respect for themselves and others. 

Ms. Berrios, an English teacher at NPHS, is the coordinator of Spirit Week. She loves to watch the students express themselves through fashion and pride while in school. 

“Spirit Week is a good way to boost the community, so we are not stuck in the same rut everyday,” said Ms. Berrios. 

NPHS vice principal, Mrs. Kwiatkowski said:  “Spirit Week builds and strengthens our community by getting a number of teachers and students involved. It brings us all together in a fun and silly way.” 

Spirit Week is meant to bring more students together, support fundraisers, and give everyone a break from school stress. 

Kelly Cook, a sophomore at NPHS said: “Everyone gets a chance to be ingenious and show off their real personalities, a way they might not be able to do on an everyday basis.”

The themes of Spirit Week are decided between a collective group of people who brainstorm fun ideas to attract more attention. 

“Between the class advisors, we go back to our class councils and ask what they would like to see. Then we talk amongst ourselves and report back to Mrs. Kwiatkowski and Mr. Henry to make sure it’s all good to go,” said Ms. Berrios.

 Every year, the themes are different but popular ones in the past have included Pajama Day, Class Color Day, Decades Day, and, of course, Halloween.

“My favorite spirit week theme is Pajama day because I like to stay comfy and it makes me feel much more relaxed,” explained Cook. 

“I love class color day because everyone gets really into it, usually the halls get decorated, and it’s always fun to see the grades come together,” said Ms. Berrios. 

While it’s all fun and games, this week of respect means a lot to our community. The school evolves and comes together, while also creating diversity within the students.

“Spirit Week means a sense of community and pride. We all have problems through our academic focus, but we can all come together to do something fun,” said Ms. Berrios. 

“We live in such a nice community so coming together for Spirit Week brings a sense of wholesomeness and happiness to me,” said Cook. 

“Having school spirit is about having pride in school, and not bashing it. It is not just shown in athletics, but is representative through all our strong departments in school such as music, STEM, art, and more,” said Mrs. Kwiatkowski.