Nicholas Bisaccia: Heading Down the Stretch

Sofia Zamora, staff writer

Nick Bisaccia is currently a senior at New Providence High School and is committed to Seton Hall University to play baseball. Seton Hall is a private Catholic school that is located in South Orange, about twenty minutes away from New Providence. It is NCAA Division 1 in baseball and competes in the Big East Conference. The team is currently coached by Rob Sheppard. 

“I knew right away that Seton Hall was the right place for me. I immediately bonded with Coach Sheppard and believed in the program he has already built,” Bisaccia said. 

But before he leaves New Providence, where he has found success in both baseball and basketball for the past three years of his high school career, Bisaccia is looking forward to playing baseball during his senior season.

Bisaccia’s dad first introduced him to baseball, but he has also had many NPHS role models to attribute his success to: “Coach Cattano has greatly impacted me as a person. While he is a great basketball coach, he most importantly taught me how to be a better person off the court and I appreciate everything he has done for me to this day. Also, Coach Brodeur has not only made me a successful baseball player, but just like Coach Cattano, a better person.” 

Every athlete has ups and downs through the season and their career. Bisaccia classifies baseball as a game of failure and struggle, but he believes that “there is beauty in the struggle.” Throughout high school, Bisaccia said he has some doubts about continuing his career into college, but he has overcome many challenges. 

“During the end of last high school baseball season, I tweaked my hamstring which caused me to hobble around for the final games, but other than that, I have been fortunate to be very healthy and only escaped with a couple of bumps and bruises,” Bisaccia said. 

In addition to the NPHS baseball team, Bisaccia has also been playing for his travel team, the Locked In Expos, located in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey. 

“They were my first club team I ever played for and I just recently played my final game for them,” Bisaccia said. 

Although Bisaccia is excited to play baseball for Seton Hall, the general transition from high school to college can be very challenging for some. It is the first time that young adults leave their families for extended periods of time. 

“Living on my own and becoming more self-dependent will only help me grow as a person. Being without my parents for the first time will be tough, but it is nice to know that they are only a half hour from home,” Bisaccia said. 

Throughout his extremely successful baseball career at New Providence High School, Nick has recognized that baseball “is much more than a game” and it translates to other parts life as well: “Baseball is a game of failure and has taught me to be resilient and to never give up. It has taught me to work hard to achieve your goals and that is something I will take with me the rest of my life.”