Who’s Behind the Photos? Devin Lippman


Sophia Salazar, staff writer

With a roaring crowd behind her, Devin Lippman snaps the photo of the game winning touchdown and celebrates with the rest of the packed bleachers. A current senior at NPHS Devin photographs any and all sports here at the high school.

Devin found her passion sophomore year when her friend, Elizabeth Blank, asked her for help with running a social media page: Neer Action. After Jimmy Alagna, who originated the page, graduated in 2019, Neer Action was passed down to Blank, who then passed it down to Devin. 

Neer Action is a platform where all sports games, scrimmages, and competitions at the high school are announced to encourage fellow students to support their classmates. Choosing which pictures to post on the page has also been a challenge for Devin based on the vast amounts of photos, however she has a well thought out process:  “I try to make a variety of all the athletes and try not to post the same people every time. If I haven’t posted someone in a while, I will post them, or more importantly choose a photo that highlights a key event from the game.” 

After receiving her very first camera in 8th grade, she immediately fell in love and finally found something that she genuinely enjoyed while also feeling connected to the school. However, she noticed that prioritizing photography also negatively impacted her life. On game days, which is almost every day, she chooses to stay and watch the games and take pictures. In doing this, she sacrifices her free time to do her school work which calls for some late nights when she gets home. 

For some sports, these late nights are worth it, especially football. She claims she “loves hearing the crowd and overall mood of the night.”

There’s something different in the air on Friday night football games and Lippman loves to listen to the thrill of the crowd behind her as she takes intense action shots. 

Devin says most difficult sport to take pictures of is tennis: “I can only get photos during warm-ups, so I don’t get as many interesting shots.”

Clearly this doesn’t stop her from posting some great photos of the tennis team on Neer Action. 

Devin takes photos all year round and attends almost every sports game or competition that she can. Her other interests include baking, hanging out with friends, swimming, diving, and volleyball, which she had to quit in order to take pictures of fall sports. She’s made many sacrifices to pursue photography, as it is one of the many things that come easy to her.

Her family life at home consists of a house full with two parents and a younger brother Brian. He is a freshman in high school and like all siblings do, they have their share of arguments and fights. Her dad is especially important to her, as he was the one who primarily introduced photography to her. 

Now that Devin is graduating, she is unsure of who she will pass down Neer Action to, but they will gain a great responsibility. All she knows is that it will go to an upperclassmen who is deserving and wants the position as a sports photographer here at NPHS.