Meet the NP National Art Honor Society!

Sofia Espaillat, staff writer

After more than a year of limited projects and low participation rates, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Art Honor Society at NPHS is back and better than ever.

Co-advisor Ms. Tiongson said that the NAHS is “a high-school organization that is based on service to the local community, the school community, and the community at large, where students use their creative talents to make the world a better, prettier, and happier place.” 

In order to participate, which students in grades nine through twelve can all currently do, members need to pay their dues of $15.00, complete at least twelve service hours by the end of the academic year, attend meetings at least twice a month, and participate in as many of the community service projects as possible. 

For those who want to take their artistic abilities to the next level, students can enter their art into various contests for prize money, art supplies, and even opportunities to display their art in exhibits. Organizations like the National Art Education Association and the Art Educators of New Jersey will even offer scholarships to those involved in the program. 

“It is really nice [to be able to] give high school kids more of an opportunity to create,” said co-advisor Mrs. Eriksen. “Even though we have specific service projects, [it is] a little more open with the amount of creativity and things we can do.” 

With regards to the students involved in this program, the NAHS Committee is full of artistically talented individuals who have a deep passion for art. 

President Greg Genualdi, a senior, enjoys working in graphite pencils and charcoal. He draws his inspiration from classical works, like paintings and architecture, and uses it to create realistic still-lives. 

His love and interest for art took a turn for the better during his sophomore year.

“I thought [joining the NAHS] would be a great way to get involved in school and the community,” he said. “I feel that sharing your ability to draw or paint is really important as an artist since it can help inspire others.” 

Planning to attend college and travel the world in the future, Genualdi said that he has thoroughly enjoyed the two years of his high school career that he had dedicated to the NAHS: “It has really allowed me to get closer with my art teachers and other members of the club.”

Also involved in the program is Vice President and senior Chloe Lemos. She enjoys working in pen and gouache to create architectural pieces, as well photography. Just like Genualdi, she became more interested in art her sophomore year when she took Photography 1. 

“I love being able to help others through my artwork, so it made sense for me to become a member,” said Lemos. 

With her last year being involved in the program already underway, her main goal is to “create a supportive environment for all of the members, where we all support each other’s artistic endeavors.” 

Reflecting on her experience, Lemos said: “There are so many amazing, talented people that make up this group. I am so grateful for it.” 

Already, the NAHS here at the high school has painted the windows of the Prestige Diner for Halloween. The program is planning to do the same for Christmas. Later in the new year, members will participate in projects such as the Thomas Edison National Historic Park Mural Exhibit, Hope, Healing, & Resilience Through the COVID-19 Pandemic Art Show, and the Memory Project. 

The Memory Project has been a favorite of members and the advisors alike for years to come; students can paint a portrait of a child living in Cameroon, Africa or create a work that includes their name, favorite color, and inspirational words.

“It’s the hardest to launch,” said Ms. Tiongson, “but it is definitely my favorite because I think it has the furthest reach and biggest impact.” 

If you love creating art and are interested in applying your talent to improving your local community, consider joining the National Honor Society.

For more information, email advisors Ms. Tiongson ([email protected]) or Mrs. Eriksen ([email protected]).