Fall Sports Season Recap

Michael Henry, staff writer

Football with Coach Parlavecchio

Highlight: “Winning in the playoffs against Delaware Valley was a great team effort and helped to solidify that NPHS are one of the top Group Two teams in the state.”

What did you enjoy most about the team? “This was a great senior class. This is a group of guys that I really had a great relationship with. They’ve worked incredibly hard over the four years. My first year here was their eighth grade year, so to see them in eighth grade and then have the success they’ve had along the way it was great to be able to coach these guys for four years.”

Philosophy:  Embrace the high expectations and put in championship effort into every practice and game

MVP:  Charlie Barth was impactful on each side of the ball rushing for 2,000 yards and “impacting every game” with his skills at linebacker.

MIP:  EJ Reiter always practiced hard, got an opportunity to play in the middle of the season and seized it, catching his first touchdown and being highly impactful in many games including the playoff.


Cross Country with Coach Arnold

Highlight: Getting back to normal including the invitationals and group championships

Boys:  The success the young team was able to have despite all the runners that graduated, including 5 of 7 varsity.

Girls:  A cohesive team that was inclusive of everyone.

What did you enjoy most about the team? Working with students outside of the classroom and getting to know them on a more personal level. 

Philosophy:  Boys:  Try to compete despite the young players.

Girls: Try to place well if not win the state championship.


Boys:   Hayden Singer was the #1 runner all year and placed second in the entire section.

Girls:  Ava Glazer was one of the fastest runners in many races and her work ethic helped to push the team. 


Boys:   AJ Boyle was very serious in his improvement and on top of his improvement he was involved with many other members of the team helping to build them up.

Girls: Ava Cumiskey trained hard and at one point improved her race time throughout 6 straight races.


Volleyball with Coach Finis

Highlight: A gold-out revenge win against Cranford: “We had played against Cranford early in the season, we did not do well, we lost in two sets. And then for some reason in that game when we played them at home the girls were very excited because it was a fundraiser that had a lot going on. We had the gym decorated, and they brought their best to the table and we were able to take down Cranford.”

What did you enjoy most about the team? “I really enjoy the way that they’re not just teammates but also friends on and off the court because it contributes to how well they’re able to play together. They’re able to work with one another and cheer each other on in games.

Philosophy:  Coach Finis came up with a slogan that she repeated at every time-out, water break, and huddle: FCC (focus, confidence, and consistency).

MVP:  Olivia Catalano “started off as a sophomore on varsity not knowing much about being a setter and this season she came back full force ready to go and really carry the team. Olivia found soft spots in the defense and was a valuable asset on both sides of the court.

MIP:  “Shonchori Mukherjee focused on trying to precisely put the ball in places where the other team were not able to receive it. She practiced that throughout the season and she really significantly improved since her freshman year in learning where to place the ball, how hard to hit it, how to adjust her hand and how to fix her serve. So she really improved in her four years.”


Tennis with Coach Willemsen 

Highlight: The harmony that the team had resembled a family atmosphere that made the team wonderful to work with.

What did you enjoy most about the team? This year felt more like a season with many of the COVID-19 stipulations removed.

Philosophy:  Look to improve from losses and do well in the sectionals.

MVP:  Katherine Ure won thanks to her amazing doubles performance including an undefeated bout in states. She was also a great leader that helped to inspire many others on her team.

MIP:  Tanvi Silvester played amazing doubles and acted on advice extremely well .


Girls Soccer with Coach Murphy

Highlight: The camaraderie between the girls who enjoyed each other’s company and made the season excellent.

What did you enjoy most about the team? The team was able to receive tactical adjustments mid-game and adapt to them well which fueled their success.

Philosophy:  The  team is bound for success and keep focus on every game. 

MVP:  Reagan Wawzycki was the only 4-year varsity player and continued to add to her skills having another great season.

MIP:  Megan Slattery had her first year on varsity where she won the starting spot and did not come out for the rest of the year.


Cheer with Coach Ralph

Highlight: The first competition back was the team’s first in person event in 2 years so it was amazing to be back.

What did you enjoy most about the team? The team was highly motivated and came together to achieve their goals.

Philosophy:  Coming out of a COVID year, the main goal was to get everything back to normal.

MVP:  Sophia Botvinis was the only 4 year varsity player whose committed leadership helped to keep the team moving forward.

MIP:  Madeline Donza did not make varsity as a freshman but this year she crushed expectations and was a valuable member of the team.


Boys Soccer with Coach Barclay

What did you enjoy most about the team? Spending time with the boys who he has gotten to know so well over the past four years.

Philosophy:  Compete in every game and let the seniors “run with it” in their final season.

MVP:  Ian Landsittel was voted MVP by the players in large part due to his offensive presence scoring 10 goals this year. 

MIP: Jack Schatzman was chosen by the team for his vast improvement over four years. As an underclassmen he was a backup but as his career progressed, Jack became a starter who made the all conference team.